Prime for Life

Barron County Restorative Justice

The Prime for Life curriculum helps participants understand substance-use risk factors and how to make responsible choices.

Prime for Life Image

Alcohol and substance abuse puts people at risk: risks like health, safety, relationships with family and friends, and future success in school or at work. It even puts brain development at risk. In a group setting, this two-session workshop includes a variety of interactive learning segments:

  • The effects of alcohol and THC on brain development
  • Stereotypes about addiction
  • Phases of use
  • Tolerance and standard “dosages”
  • Friends and other social influences
  • The impact of high-risk choices
  • Making low-risk choices to protect your values
  • Setting goals for the future

Court-Ordered Participants

In most cases, participants will receive a registration form and letter by postal mail from our agency with their assigned class dates and times. Participants may also register by mail, email, phone or in person at our office. The $50 fee for the class may be paid at the first session. Participants must attend both four-hour sessions and pass a quiz to complete the program.

The class is offered at least once a month and is taught in a group setting. Participants are referred from municipal and circuit courts, law enforcement, schools, the Department of Health and Human Services, and other agencies. Participants who have not been vaccinated for Covid-19 are asked to wear a face mask as recommended by the Barron County Department of Health. Call our office or view our calendar for the upcoming classes.

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