Victim Offender Conferencing

Victim offender conferencing provides crime victims and their offender(s) the opportunity to sit down together to discuss the crime. Victims can ask any lingering questions they might have about the incident and make offenders fully aware of the effects their criminal behavior had on their lives. The offender can take responsibility for poor choices and provide a face-to-face apology to the victim.

This is in direct contrast to the traditional justice system, which often insists on no contact between victim and the offender. In some instances, a repair plan is developed and agreed to by both parties. Restorative justice staff or volunteers meet with both the victim and offender before the conference to prepare them and answer any questions they may have. Our staff also facilitates the conference, ensuring a safe and neutral environment.

Conferencing services are also an option for incidents involving neighborhood disturbances and peer bullying and/or fighting.

There is no prerequisite or cost to participate in Victim Offender Conferencing.

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