Consider supporting restorative justice by donating your time, talents and energy. Volunteer with Eau Claire County Restorative Justice, by doing so, you help build a stronger, safer community that works to restore victim well-being and intervene early in the lives of offenders in your community.

Restorative justice succeeds because of the energy and passion of its volunteers and the overwhelming support of community organizations. It thrives due to the commitment the community has shown for addressing struggles with local crime and those who commit the offenses.

Additional volunteer opportunities are available to become involved as a trained:

  • Mediator for victim/offender conferencing workshops.
  • Accountability mentor for young offenders.
  • Community service provider where a young offender can work within the community to make amends.

If you have experienced crime and are interested and willing to share your story, consider volunteering as a member of our victim empathy panel.

Restorative justice programs have many applications within schools and the community. Our staff can provide additional information and training about restorative practices in businesses, agencies or service settings at your next meeting.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these opportunities or have other talents to share, please complete our volunteer application or contact our office at 715-835-6521.