Flaunt Your In-Store Fashion and Finds Contest


What a find! What an impact!

Submit Your in-store fashion and finds for a chance to Win a $25 Gift Card to Goodwill NCW

Show off the unique items you find while you are shopping for a chance to win a $25 Goodwill NCW gift card during the Flaunt Your In-Store Fashion and Finds Contest. To enter, when you see an item that catches your eye in your local Goodwill NCW store, pause to upload a photo.

To enter, upload a photo of something you found while shopping at Goodwill NCW that you are excited about. Whether it’s a new-to-you style, a trinket a friend would love, treasures from your cart or a dressing room fashion show, the sky is the limit, as long as the photo is taken and uploaded inside one of our 28 Goodwill NCW locations.

In-Store Fashion Calvin Klein Vest

In-Store find chest

Flaunt Your Fashion outfit


While shopping at a Goodwill NCW location, upload a photo of the item you’re submitting. Provide your first name, store location, email address and a brief description of the item and why you love it.


Goodwill NCW will vote internally to determine the top in-store fashion and findings, those will then be posted to our Facebook page in June, for our audience to vote on their favorite project. The winner will be announced on Facebook after the voting has concluded. We will follow up individually with the winner to send the $25 gift card.

The previous month’s winner will be announced on Goodwill NCW’s Facebook page. We will follow up individually with the winner to send the $25 gift card.


Multiple entries are allowed per person, one vote per person is allowed each month.

For complete contest rules, visit https://www.goodwillncw.org/rules/.