Items You’ll Need

To ensure you have everything you need for your tax return filing, be sure to review this checklist of items to bring and, for your convenience, print a copy here.

REQUIRED items to bring:

  • Birthdates for you, your spouse and any dependents you are claiming.
  • If filing a joint return, your spouse must be present.
  • Photo ID for yourself and spouse (if filing jointly).
  • Social Security Cards, SSA-1099 or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for yourself, your spouse and any dependent you will be claiming.

Additional items you may need:

  • 2019 and 2020, both state and federal, if you have them. Due to a tax law change in 2021, we may be able to use your earned income from your 2019 tax return. We also would like to see your 2020 tax return. If you do not have a copy, you can obtain a transcript at
  • Advanced Child Tax Credit Payments (Letter 6419).
  • All wage and earnings statements, W-2, W-2G & 1099 from all employers.
  • Bank routing and account numbers if you want to direct-deposit your return (a check will have this information on it).
  • Economic Impact Payment(s).
  • Educational Expenses.
  • Health Insurance Marketplace Statement (1095-A).
  • Total paid for daycare and the daycare provider’s tax identifying number such as their Social Security number or business Employer Identification Number. 
  • Unemployment compensation statement (1099-G). You can obtain your 1099-G here
  • Any other information about income and/or expenses. See this checklist for other items you may need.

* If you believe you will be eligible for Wisconsin Homestead Credit, available to qualifying Wisconsin residents with an income under $24,680, you will also need:

  • Child Support received during the year you are filing.
  •  Social Security benefits received during the tax year, including:
    • Federal & State SSI amounts.
    • SSI-E.
    • SSD.
    • Caretaker Supplemental Payments.
  • Wisconsin Works payments.
  • Your property tax bill or rent certificate.

For further information regarding Homestead Credit, visit or to print your rent certificate click here.