The Original Halloween Headquarters

Since 1971, Goodwill NCW has been serving up deals for Halloween that fright and delight.

As the Original Halloween Headquarters, Goodwill NCW has everything you need for the season and is the place to be for adding fl­air or scare to your costume, home décor, party or yard. Pull together the perfect one-of-a-kind look with our donated treasures or you choose one of our ready-to-wear costumes.

Your Halloween purchases and donations help fund job training and more, such as digital and social skills training for neighbors in your community. How’s that for a treat!


Thank you for supporting your community. Goodwill Starts with you!

60 creative costume ideas


DIY Halloween costume ideas

Since there is no one quite like you, why not make your own Halloween costume this year one-of-a-kind, too, with