Goodwill NCW Halloween Blogs

Goodwill NCW Halloween blogs have everything you need for the season and is the place to be for adding fl­air or scare to your costume, home décor, party or yard. Pull together the perfect one-of-a-kind look with our donated treasures or you choose one of our ready-to-wear costumes.

7 Fabulously Flannel-Inspired Costume Concepts

As Halloween draws near, the appeal of cool, creepy and pop culture costume inspiration comes alive. The key to unique

5 DIY Classic Costumes with Goodwill NCW

We’re about to spill the cauldron on how to whip up classic costumes with a twist using awesome thrifted finds

5 Costume Ideas Using a Vintage Dress

As the Original Halloween Headquarters, Goodwill NCW has everything you need for the season and is the place to be

Shoppers have options to save, as Halloween spending is expected to reach record high

Halloween spending is expected to reach its highest level, exceeding all other years on record with 73% of Americans intending

Creative Halloween Costumes for Your Companion

We can’t forget about our furry friends wanting to join in on the fun of Halloween. Create your own one-of-a-kind

DIY Ruby Slippers for Halloween

Creating DIY ruby slippers for this year’s Halloween costume, using thrifted shoes from Goodwill NCW is fun! We saved on

4 DIY costumes from ‘Encanto’

I know it sounds a bit fantastical and magical, but the 2021 release of “Encanto” still has a tight grip

DIY poofy pumpkins

 Sweater weather is the perfect time to DIY these simple poofy pumpkins to add to your fall home décor.

Halloween spending expected to top pre-pandemic levels

MENASHA — Halloween spending is expected to soar to pre-pandemic levels, with 69% of Americans intending to celebrate the fall

8 tween and teen Halloween costume ideas

Halloween costumes for teens need to have it all. Teen Halloween costumes not only demand a flair for fun and

Halloween costumes with tutus bring out the fun

Halloween costumes with tutus add such a whimsical touch and provide a do-it-yourself, creative flair. Plus, kids will be able

9 creative kid Halloween costume ideas

We are all in for a treat this Halloween as we greet ghosts, superheroes and princesses on our doorstep. Here

Get in the Halloween fun with adult costume inspiration

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, kids don’t get to have all the fun. Inspired by movies, books,

DIY Hair Tutorials

Cat Ears Make a comfortable and adorable pair of braided ears for a kitty costume with two hairbands and some

3 nature-inspired DIY Costume Videos

The Elegant Butterfly Flutter your wings and make a butterfly costume that’s both elegant and thrifty! Thrift for a black

5 Halloween décor project ideas

Frightful Flowers Make creepy plants this Halloween with upcycled plastic flowers from Goodwill NCW and a few old pots. For

DIY Halloween costume ideas

Since there is no one quite like you, why not make your own Halloween costume this year one-of-a-kind, too, with