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Check out a few of our videos below on inspiring mission stories, fashion trends, thrift finds and DIY tips.

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Experience how Goodwill NCW lives out its mission of Elevating People by Eliminating Barriers to Employment, thanks to the support of our donors and shoppers.

Mission Video 1
Daniel's Story
Daniel came to the Rhinelander Goodwill through an 18-month work experience with Inclusa and was hired on as a team member three months into the program. As an English language learner, he faces a barrier with reading and writing but has proven that when given a chance to do more, he can. His strong work ethic and engaging personality are two of his character traits that make him an asset to Goodwill.
Mission Video 2
Sally's Story
When Sally came to Goodwill NCW through the Waupaca Retail Store and Training Center, she was isolated because of the pandemic and not sure of herself. By gaining job skills and confidence along the way, Sally now believes in herself and feels cared for and appreciated.
Mission Video 4
Goodwill Story | Fernando
When Fernando came to Goodwill NCW's Outlet Store in Appleton through a program that helps individuals re-entering society after incarceration, he was met by a team of caring people who not only taught him the skills he needed to be successful but also gave him a sense of worth and hope for a brighter tomorrow.
Mission Video 5
Impact Stories
As Goodwill NCW celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2021, see how its mission of Elevating People by Eliminating Barriers to Employment has made a life-changing impact on the people it serves.
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Enjoy keeping up with the latest thrift trends or looking for some creative, DIY inspiration? Get started with our fun thrifting videos.

DIY Video 1
Earthware Vase
In this do-it-yourself project, we turn a thrifted vase into a Pottery Barn-inspired earthenware beauty to hold your spring flowers.
DIY Video 2
Pompom Basket
In this do-it-yourself project, we take a thrifted basket and give it a festive look by adding pompoms.
DIY Video 3
Upgrade your Space
In this do-it-yourself video, we take thrifted items and use them to upgrade our office and wall decor.
DIY Video 4
Festive Candlesticks
We turn thrifted candlesticks into festive décor with the help of some spray paint.
DIY Video 5
Book page Wreath
In this do-it-yourself project, we take a thrifted book and vinyl record and turn them into a stunning wreath.
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