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Experience how Goodwill NCW lives out its mission of Elevating People by Eliminating Barriers to Employment, thanks to the support of our donors and shoppers.

Mission Video 1
Tad's Story
Tad connected with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which partners with the Tomah Goodwill store to offer a paid 12-week training program. When he met with Goodwill NCW to the explore program, Tad expressed he wanted to gain skills to be employed again and rebuild his financial independence. Now, Tad has people surrounding him with support, helping him grow and restoring trust. He works at the registers and hangs clothes as a Customer Experience Specialist.
Mission Video 2
Dan's Story
Dan's great sense of humor uplifts those around him. He started his path at Goodwill helping in the mailroom and is now working with his job coach to learn how to pick orders as part of the e-Commerce team. He has a goal of becoming more independent and, with enough (caffeinated) coffee, Dan is confident he can continue his journey of growth.
Mission Video 4
Goodwill Story | Fernando
When Fernando came to Goodwill NCW's Outlet Store in Appleton through a program that helps individuals re-entering society after incarceration, he was met by a team of caring people who not only taught him the skills he needed to be successful but also gave him a sense of worth and hope for a brighter tomorrow.
Mission Video 5
Matt's Story
Matt is someone who understands the power of believing in people. Today, he is a champion for our mission, but when he first started at Goodwill NCW, he was at a crossroads in his life that he describes as his lowest point. Uplifted by others' belief in his abilities, he pursued his unique pathway to discover what he was meant to do.
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Enjoy keeping up with the latest thrift trends or looking for some creative, DIY inspiration? Get started with our fun thrifting videos.

DIY Video 5
Upcycle Chalkboard Glasses
You can create a special experience for guests with these upcycled chalkboard glasses from Goodwill NCW. Browse our selection of glasses and pick your favorite pieces for this project!
DIY Video 1
Upcycle Flower Baskets
There are always a great variety of baskets waiting for your next upcycled project. For this project, you’ll want to look for baskets that resemble flower shapes.
DIY Video 2
Stylish Succulents
Succulents are a popular plant due to their unique shapes, easy maintenance, and versatility in home décor. Here are some tips for creating unique stylish succulent arrangements with a little help from Goodwill NCW
DIY Video 3
DIY Game Frame
Creating a unique frame using thrifted items from Goodwill NCW is really fun! Allowing your creative ideas to flow by walking through the store is the most rewarding part is the hunt! We created this I Spy game frame, by stumbling upon the game.
DIY Video 4
Art Deco Side Table
Updating your space can be fun, easy and affordable! With a little creativity and some basic supplies, you can give any piece of furniture a new lease on life. There is always a great selection of furniture to inspire you. This upcycled project is a great way to bring a touch of vintage glamour to any room in your home.
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