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AJ’s Goodwill Story: The possibilities are endless

 AJ stands out among his peers as a hard worker with a big heart. When he was a junior,

Beyond the buzzword: Inclusion in the workplace

The word inclusion is top of mind for many forward-thinking workplaces. But what does it look like day-to-day for people

Matt’s Goodwill Story: Belief in others makes our mission matter

 Matt’s journey with Goodwill NCW began in 2015 at a point in his life that he describes as his

Tammie takes the title of most tenured team member

Time flies when you love what you do. Just ask Tammie Penney, Goodwill NCW’s most tenured team member to date.

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5 Thrifty Ways to Enjoy the Summer

When it comes to shopping at your local Goodwill, you never know what interesting items you will find! On your

What to look for when buying a used bike

When buying a used bike, there are a few key things that you should look for to ensure that you

The perks of working at Goodwill NCW

Are you thinking about applying for a position at Goodwill NCW?  Do you like helping people? Do you like seeing

Create an Upcycled Bee Bath

Upcycling thrifted items to create a bee bath is a fantastic way to repurpose old items and provide a safe

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Opening day for the 2023 season of Goodwill NCW’s three Miracle League programs

Get ready to swing into action as opening day for 2023 season of Goodwill NCW’s three Miracle League programs –

First full Career EXCELerate cohort poised to enter WI workforce

On March 19, Career EXCELerate Wisconsin celebrated more than 30 students who earned educational certificates through the collaborative new program

Miracle League allows all to play ball

Registration for the 2023 season is underway Menasha, WI — Registration is now open for the Miracle League of the

Job seekers have a new option in Career EXCELerate to pursue their dreams

MENASHA — Goodwill NCW, Fox Valley Technical College and Rawhide Youth Services are teaming up to provide a comprehensive career-training program called

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