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Career EXCELerate clears roadblocks for job seekers

 Roadblocks. Barriers. Challenges. There are many labels for the situations that get in the way of life goals. Pursuing

The data adds up at Goodwill NCW

Every healthy nonprofit wrestles with a few critical questions over its lifetime. Among them are:   How do we know our

Mason’s Goodwill Story: Pursuing his dream job

 From a very early age, Mason always expressed that he wanted to be a chef. As he completed his

Goodwill NCW’s new program offers a unique recruitment option to employers

Talk to almost any employer today and one common topic that will surface is the challenge of hiring enough workers.

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Get your garden ready with thrift-store finds and sustainable practices

Spring is a season of renewal, not only for our homes but also for our gardens. We clean our houses

Thrifty Finds for Comfortable Airport Style at Goodwill NCW

Traveling can be a hectic experience, but dressing comfortably doesn’t have to add to the stress. Goodwill NCW is your

Behind the scenes at Goodwill NCW: How we process donations

You drive up to the donation door at Goodwill NCW, pop your trunk and hand off a box, bag or

7 Thrifted Electronic Treasures to lookout for

Goodwill, renowned for its affordable and unexpected finds, isn’t just a haven for fashion enthusiasts or breaking down barriers to

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Goodwill NCW welcomes new board members

MENASHA, WI – Goodwill North Central Wisconsin (Goodwill NCW) recently elected new members to its volunteer board of directors. The

Miracle League allows all to play ball

Registration for the 2024 season is underway   MENASHA, WI – Registration is now open for the Miracle League of

Career EXCELerate cohort ready to enter WI workforce

Supported by a WI Workforce Innovation Grant, students earn free certificates to launch in-demand careers Menasha, WI — On December

Goodwill NCW makes giving HOPE easy on Giving Tuesday

WISCONSIN – Each year, after millions gather with family and friends to give thanks, millions will also band together to

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