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10 ways to use sheets this summer

For all those times we hoped summer would come again, it’s finally here! Plan some time to enjoy what this

Thrifty ways to build a backyard oasis

Creating your dream backyard shouldn’t break the bank. With a few of these ideas, you can have an outdoor space

4 thrifted concert looks

It’s finally that time of the year — concert and festival season! While securing tickets ahead of showtime is important,

DIY floral mirror

 This DIY floral mirror is an easy way to take a thrifted mirror and turn it into something completely

Men’s summer fashions 2022

We love where men’s fashion is heading as the weather warms up because it seems like many of this summer’s

4 ways to style graphic tees

On a recent thrift trip to Goodwill, I scored my new favorite graphic T-shirt. It’s a 2014 Country USA festival

5 summer fashion trends to thrift

Is there anything more exciting than the anticipation of summer and warm-weather, easy, breezy styles? We think not. After an

5 thrifty ways to enjoy the outdoors

Fresh air, sun, trees. Enjoy the outdoors and everything from camping and cookouts to festivals and fishing with finds from

Rib Mountain Goodwill treasure hits close to home

A dedicated Goodwill shopper’s treasure and unexpected find hits close to home and is an especially meaningful one for its

DIY embroidery to personalize thrifted clothes

 First, head to your local Goodwill thrift store to pick out some solid-colored clothing pieces to embellish, like sweatshirts,

DIY garden art

 Looking for a fun way to spruce up your garden this season? Try creating your own DIY garden art

3 tips to incorporate fresh flowers into your home spaces

Spring brings us wonderful gifts to enjoy and attunes us to the rhythms of nature. How cool is it that

DIY rag-tie wreath

 DIY Rag-tie Wreath Project Steps Create a colorful DIY rag-tie wreath for any season or occasion with a few

5 steps to get your garage summer ready

Your garage is supposed to be a home for your car, but often our vehicles are the last thing that

How to style athletic wear outside of the gym

You don’t have to give up comfort to be stylish. In fact, basic athletic wear pieces like sports bras, tank

Start spring cleaning with these decluttering tips

According to decluttering and downsizing expert Matt Paxton, our stuff holds us back, but we hold on to the stuff.

DIY earthenware vase

 DIY Earthenware Vase Project Steps This DIY earthenware vase look is an easy way to take a plain thrifted

5 spring cleaning ideas to declutter your home and mind

It might not feel like spring yet, but many of us want to get our homes and minds as clear

10 spring fashion 2022 trends

After a cold and snowy winter where layering and bundling up are the fashion musts for the moment, we’re especially

3 DIY ideas to welcome spring

Life just feels lighter and livelier when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Celebrate the coming spring

DIY pompom baskets

 Add some fun flair to your organizational efforts with these fun DIY pompom baskets! DIY Pompom Baskets Project Steps

6 travel items to thrift to save you money

After months of freezing temperatures, snowy weather and bundling in layers before going outside, it’s time for warmth and beaches.

Fashionista: Warm and cozy for remaining days of winter

Are you in need of a winter refresh for the remaining days of the season? Well, there is no better

Thrifted statement pieces for special occasions

Winning looks often start with a winning outfit that grabs all the attention while secondary components like hairstyle, nail color

Fashionista: Fringe tops fashion trends for 2022

As a Goodwill fashionista, I’m all about keeping up with what is current and hitting the runways for 2022, and

DIY scrunchies from thrifted shirt

 Scrunchies were extremely popular in the 1980s and 1990s and have now made a comeback! You can choose any

3 ideas for a thrifting adventure

If you’re getting to that point of winter where you’re desperately ready to venture off the couch and get your

Fashionista: Sweater provides wearable art

What a beautiful, wearable work of art. I’m talking about this mixed-media sweater I found at Goodwill. Let’s begin with

Fashionista: Open mind pays off with fun look for the day

I was making my way through the pants aisle when I came across this pair of leggings, and I wasn’t

Cozy thrift-store sweaters for winter

It’s sweater weather! That means it’s time to load up on thrifted sweaters for winter — the ultimate in coziness.

Building a home gym on a budget

Picture this scenario: You arrive home from a long day at the office, change into your workout gear, pack a

How to shop thrift fashions by fabric and be eco-friendly

There is no one right way to shop thrift for fashions. Some thrifters immediately check the brand name, while others

Fashionista: Winter coat for $1.99 on clearance? Yes, please!

I have to admit that when I enter the golden gates of savings at my local Goodwill, I head straight

Fun ways to style flannel

Flannel — that ’90s fashion statement that never went away completely — has made a comeback in recent years. And

4 DIY wedding centerpieces that are easy to thrift

Weddings are milestone events that are remembered forever. They’re one of the only times in life where so many loved

Spring organizing: A guide to decluttering your home

In Wisconsin, spring organizing is a time that brings on mixed emotions. It’s exciting to emerge out of another winter

50 thrifty secrets to shopping secondhand

We know you love thrift as much as we do! That’s why we pulled together some great insider thrift tips

How to shop thrift and pack for a road trip

Road trips are as much a summer family tradition as barbecues, fireworks and festivals. Packing up the car, heading out

Camping on a budget with thrift-store finds

As the weather warms up and campgrounds start to open, we start to think of outdoor adventure. If you are

Goodwill NCW Style Challenge

Two thrifters square off in a Goodwill Style Challenge. Who do you think scored the best finds?

Goodwill NCW Fashion Show

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Goodwill NCW put the spotlight on the people we serve in the La Crosse area.

Make it a DIY February

How better to say, “I love you,” than to put the extra time and attention into a special project or