Celebrate Earth Month with Goodwill North Central Wisconsin

We’ve got numerous exciting ways to promote sustainability and celebrate Earth Month! Check out everything we’re doing this month and learn how you can celebrate Earth Month with Goodwill NCW!

Protect Our Planet Gift Card Giveaway

We’re giving away a gift card at each Goodwill NCW location to promote sustainable secondhand shopping! Stop by your local Goodwill NCW store to sign up for your chance to win! Earth Month Gift Card Giveaway runs April 1 through April 30. Shop often to increase your chances of winning! 

Secondhand shopping has many benefits and is a win-win for both you and the planet! When you shop at Goodwill NCW, you’re not only scoring great finds but also helping reduce waste. By giving items a second chance, you’re cutting down on the resources to produce new items and keeping items out of landfills.

Join our Earth Month Donation Challenge 

Help Us Divert 4,500,000 Pounds of Gently Used Items from Local Landfills

This Earth Month, Goodwill NCW has a goal of collecting 4,500,000 pounds of gently used items to support sustainability and we need your help! Help us reach our goal by donating your gently used items to your nearest Goodwill NCW store or Donation Center.

Spring cleaning never felt better knowing that your donations help increase sustainability and reduce waste! Last year during Earth Month, you helped create a more sustainable future (and supported job-skills training!) by donating more than 4,300,000 pounds of gently used items and this year we are raising the bar!

According to NIST.gov, only about 15% of clothing and other textiles in the United States get reused or recycled while the other 85% end up going to the landfill or are incinerated, both of which contribute to pollution and environmental degradation. Donating your gently used items and clothing is a great way to increase sustainability and help protect our planet!

Check back to this page throughout the month for updates on how close we are to reaching our goal! The graphic below will empty out as you generously donate items to fuel our mission and support the sustainability of our communities!

1,029,240 pounds diverted from local landfills!

Get Your New Limited-Edition Tote Bag!

Show off your love for shopping at Goodwill NCW stylishly and sustainably! To celebrate Earth Month with Goodwill NCW and our continued commitment to sustainability, we are releasing limited-edition tote bags at each of our locations!

Did you know that it takes about 1,000 years for a plastic bag to degrade in a landfill, and when it does, it doesn’t fully degrade but instead becomes microplastics that can absorb toxins and continue to pollute the environment? And that the average American will use about 365 plastic bags each year? Simply choosing to use a reusable tote bag rather than a single-use plastic bag is an easy way to make a difference and reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment; in fact, you helped Goodwill NCW remove 2,752,465 plastic bags from the environment in 2023!

Reusable Lunch Bag Giveaway

Shop at Goodwill NCW on Earth Day, April 22 to get a reusable lunch bag! Now you can pack your lunch in style and sustainably!

The first 50 Good Points members at each Goodwill NCW store location to spend $22 or more – in recognition of Earth Day – will receive a free reusable lunch bag! If you’re not a Good Points member yet, no problem! Sign up online before Apr. 21 or in-store to be eligible if you’re one of the first 50 Good Points members to spend $22 or more on April 22. Happy Earth Day!

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We’re quite passionate about sustainability at Goodwill NCW. Goodwills across our planet have been practicing sustainability since 1902. Sustainable practices and protecting our planet are important components of who we are. Our sustainability efforts are in line with several of the United Nation’s sustainable development goals and we work every day to reduce waste going to landfills and promote recycling and reusing items. Thank you for helping us protect our planet and practice sustainability!