How to Track and Manage Expenses

Many people are trying to make their money last, but there doesn’t seem to be enough money to go around. Sometimes by re-examining our spending we can “find” money.

Many clients have discovered that tracking their existing spending is one of the most helpful things that they have done. To track your expenses, carry a piece of paper with you or save your receipts and write down what you spend. Every cent. You will learn where you’re really choosing to spend your money.

Track for one month at a time and then add up what you spent. Did you buy many snacks at work or school? What did you spend eating out for lunches? It’s nice to have some fun and treats, but when we’re struggling to pay bills, we need to look for ways to reduce spending. Sometimes the difference between financial success and struggling to pay the bills can be small.

If you want to have greater financial independence and struggle less with money, we are here to help. Our financial counselors have helped many people to find more effective ways to pay their bills and have more peace of mind with money.

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