Good Points Reward Program

Earn points as you shop while making a difference in your community. 

What is the Good Points reward program?

Good Points reward program is our way of rewarding loyal customers. Earn one point for every dollar spent on donated merchandise in our stores. Once you reach 100 Good Points, you earn a $5 reward toward your next purchase. Money spent at Goodwill NCW retail stores and training centers funds our programs and services throughout our 35-county region.

Is there a way to track the impact of my purchases?

Your purchases fuel our mission. Participating in the Good Points program helps you track how your purchases throughout the year add up to provide hours of skills training to individuals across our communities in real time!

As you reach new milestones, you unlock new status levels. With every new level you reach, you’ll receive a digital recognition badge that you can share to show others you care about the impact you are making to help divert items from landfills and support people who are underserved, underrepresented or disadvantaged who have the goal of building job skills that lead to sustained employment and improved financial stability. 


Your purchases provide 5 hours of skills training contributed in the calendar year. 


Your purchases provide 10 hours of skills training contributed in the calendar year. 


Your purchases provide 20 hours of skills training contributed in the calendar year. 

*Please note: Every January 1, your impact hours refresh to zero for the new year. 

How does it work?

You can sign up online or by visiting your local Goodwill NCW store to sign up for Good Points. 

Provide your phone number and email address to the cashier upon sign-up and receive your Good Points card. Every time you make a purchase, your current points balance will appear at the bottom of your receipt and will also display in emails you receive from Goodwill NCW. 

Perks of the reward program

  • Sign up with your email address and:
    • Earn your first $5 reward by completing your online profile. 
    • Specify your birthday in your online profile and receive a $5 gift during the month of your birthday. 
    • Track your impact as you shop through the year and receive recognition badges via email for becoming a Mission Supporter, Mission Influencer or Goodwill Mission Ambassador! 

Sign up for Good Points Online

Sign up today and get rewarded for helping fuel job skills training in your community for purchases of donated goods from Goodwill NCW.

The Good Points rewards program is only valid at Goodwill stores owned and operated by Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin. Good Points cannot be applied to purchases made on, at the Outlet store in Appleton or purchases made at Goodwill stores in other regions.

The email may have gotten caught in a filter (i.e. spam, promotions) or entered incorrectly at the register. If you still haven't received an email please contact us. To ensure you receive our emails, consider adding us as a contact: [email protected].

Yes. Bring your receipt to a Goodwill NCW cashier and we can add the points from that purchase onto your running balance.

Yes. Good Points expire after 180 days of not shopping. If you don’t use your Good Points within the 180-day period, your points balance will reset to zero.

Yes. Reward dollars will expire after 60 days of not shopping. If you don’t redeem your reward dollars within the 60-day period, your reward balance will reset to zero.

A Good Points summary is printed on the bottom of every receipt when you shop. You can also check your balances in the email bodies of Goodwill NCW’s weekly e-newsletter.

For every $1 spent on donated merchandiseyou will earn 1 point.

No. Using the card provides a quick scan-and-go option. However, you don’t have to bring your loyalty card, the cashier can look up your customer account by searching by your name or phone number.

No, customers cannot use their Good Points card on purchases made with GoodNeighbor certificates.

No, customers cannot earn points on their Round Up donations.

No. Good Points only can be earned on donated merchandise purchased.

Your loyalty points will be reduced by any returns you make.

No, they must be used on a subsequent transaction. This can be on the same day, however.

 A Good Points account can only be set up for a person. If an individual is set up as a sole proprietorship with tax-exempt status, that is the only circumstance that a Good Points account can be created for that business entity, since it is also a person.

When goods are purchased for a tax-exempt organization by a person separate than the entity (i.e. someone shops for their 501c3), the transaction itself can be tax exempt however the individual cannot accumulate Good Points for these types of purchases.

An individual who regularly makes purchases for a tax-exempt organization can be set up as a tax-exempt, non-loyalty account in Goodwill NCW’s point-of-sale system. Please ask your cashier for a tax-exempt form and provide the required information about your organization at the register.

You will not earn points when you buy a gift card. A loyalty customer can earn points for eligible purchases when using a gift card for payment.

If you have any questions about our reward program, please email us at [email protected].