Are you ready to do something good for the planet that keeps plastic bags out of the landfill? Here are 5 ways you can develop a reusable bag habit to invite an element of sustainability into your lifestyle.

reusable bag habit option 1

Keep your bags by the door

Keeping your reusable bags somewhere you pass often, like hanging by the door, is a great way to keep them top of mind. If you have existing morning routines like putting on a jacket or work badge before heading out the door, storing your bags in an easily accessible space to grab on your way out can be easily integrated into your morning flow.

Keep your bags in the trunk

If spare tires and spark plugs are stored in vehicles for critical moments when we might need them, why not store reusable tote bags in the car where they’re sure to assist your shopping trips? The trick to this method is remembering to put the bags back into your car after transporting the goods inside. Do it right away and you’ll be set for your next trip!

Dangle a reminder from the rearview mirror

So, you’ve got your bags in the trunk of your car, and now you need a way to remember that they’re back there. One trick you can adopt until your new habit is fully formed is to dangle a reminder from your rearview mirror. Just be sure it doesn’t distract you as you drive.

Go back for your bags

When first starting to form a reusable bag habit, it’s easy to forget your bags in the car once you are inside the store and promise yourself that you’ll grab them next time. You can challenge yourself and stick to your commitment by going back to the car and getting them. Yes, it’s easy enough to get a plastic bag from most stores, but going back will help reinforce your commitment to the planet and amplify your determination to form a lasting habit.

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Purchase reusable bags

You’ll be able to purchase reusable bags in multiple design options from Goodwill NCW starting in November. Goodwill NCW is moving away from plastic bags starting Jan. 1, and we thank you in joining us in putting the planet first. Goodwill starts with you!