Do you sometimes struggle to come up with gift ideas for people you love because you don’t want to get them something they won’t use or appreciate? 

Introducing a way to give gift cards this holiday season that hits all the marks: thoughtful, pragmatic AND creative! Pair a gift card to Goodwill NCW with a gift card for another business to show someone you know what makes their spirit shine. 

Idea #1: Creative Crafter Gift Card Combo 

Pair a Goodwill NCW gift card with a gift card to a local craft store in your area for that special someone in your life who has a unique style, out-of-this world creativity and loves making things like crafts, jewelry, cards, candles, custom clothing and more! 

Do-it-yourself artists often find inspiration for their next creative project in thrifted treasures they pick up from Goodwill NCW like retro jeans, mason jars and wooden frames. Then, they’ll need supplies like glue, glitter, stencils and embroidery thread to complete the creative process and transform their one-of-a-kind finds into stunning works of art. Be sure to let them know about crafty project ideas from Goodwill NCW. 

gift 1 with gift cards

Idea #2: Home Renovator Gift Card Combo 

gift 2 with gift cards

Pair a Goodwill NCW gift card with a gift card to a local hardware store for that someone special in your life who is always excited about home projects. This person is always fixing something or finding ways to put their own special touch on drawers, cabinetry and other do-it-yourself construction projects around the house and in the yard. 

They will appreciate a gift card to Goodwill NCW where they can find items to upgrade their space like appliances, furniture items and even gently used or new working clothes like jeans and flannel shirts. Paired with a gift card to the hardware store, they can pick up painter’s tape, spray paint and other items that can help bring their vision to life as they roll up their sleeves, turn up the radio and settle into their work. 

Idea #3: Nonprofit Cause Gift Combo 

How about a gift for that person in your life who is passionate about causes and efforts that make the world a better place? Get them a Goodwill NCW gift card and use this message in your note to them: “Goodwill NCW store sales support the mission of Elevating People by Eliminating Barriers to Employment. On average, 90 cents of every dollar is reinvested back into local communities to provide individuals with job skills that lead to sustained employment and improved financial stability.” 

Then, do some research and identify another organization doing great work that your loved one cares about, and make a donation in the name of your loved one. Knowing that they’re helping make a difference by protecting animals, funding research for the cure for a certain medical condition, supporting mental health, improving people’s ability to read and write, combating domestic violence or other great causes would be an amazing gift to this person. 

gift 3 with gift cards

Purchase a Goodwill NCW gift card at any of our locations. While you’re in, pick up a 2-pack of gift card holders while supplies last. Cheers to making gift cards the most one-of-a-kind gift this holiday season!