3 thrifty bird projects from Goodwill NCW.

Winter in Wisconsin is beautiful, however the cold conditions can make it challenging for birds to secure basic needs like food, water and shelter. Check out these 3 thrifty bird projects you can do to help the bird through winter with help from Goodwill NCW.

Thrifty bird project bird nesting


Be sure to use 100% wool or cotton. 

Nesting Bundle

Help birds reinforce and insulate their nests over the winter by hanging a bundle of accessible, all-natural materials in your yard. Be sure to only use natural fibers like tiny cloth strips cut from secondhand 100% wool or cotton shirts, string, twigs and tiny branches, animal hair, cotton balls, cattails, milkweed and moss.

Find a piece of home décor to hold your materials with enough holes in it for the birds to access them easily, like this metal napkin holder for $2.99. Hang your bundle on a shepherd hook and see which woodland friends stop in for supplies!

For more tips on making a nesting bundle, check out this great article from Feltmagnet.com.

bird feeder


Bird Feeder

Make a one-of-a-kind bird feeder from a mason jar, secondhand teacup and saucer, cookware item, or any home décor item that holds seeds. Baking molds and new-to-you cookie cutters are also great supplies for making suet cakes and ornaments to provide birds a rich source of energy through the winter.

Make sure that your homemade bird feeder and hanging suet cakes have a suitable place for birds to land and perch as they enjoy their meal!

For more tips on making an upcycled bird feeder, check out this article from family handyman.

heated bird bath


Heated Bird Bath

Because water freezes to ice as the temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, finding a reliable open source of water can be tricky business for birds in the winter.

Make your own bird bath from an upcycled lamp stand, upside-down serving platter, shallow glass bowl, Bundt pan or pie tin and purchase a bird bath heater online to prevent the water from freezing over.

For upcycled bird bath designs, check out this blog from Brightly.

Thank you for being an ally to the birds this winter! Stop into your local Goodwill NCW today for supplies you need to get started.

If you do make one of these 3 thrifty bird projects, tag us on Facebook! We’d love to see how it turned out.

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