It’s sweater weather time!

Personally, I adore the fall season. I love to see the leaves change colors, go apple picking and enjoy a delicious pumpkin spice latte. I also love the fashion that comes with the cooler weather.

In preparation for fall, I thrifted a variety of long sleeves, sweaters and flannels from my local Goodwill NCW to add to my wardrobe. I stuck to a color palette of mostly neutral colors with a focus on oranges and browns. With these new-to-me pieces, I feel excited to take on all of the fall activities! Below are four outfits that I styled with my new finds. You can recreate these looks with your very own thrifted treasures.

Color of the season outfit for fall

Colors of the Season

I paired my orange long-sleeve top with dark wash jeans and a black and yellow flannel print tote. The tote is made of a fuzzy material, so it definitely gives a cozy vibe. Also, the colors in the tote perfectly blend the light/dark contrast of my top and bottoms.

Welcome Back, Jean Jackets

When we talk about fall fashion, we cannot forget about jean jackets! For this outfit, I put on my black crop top, black jean jacket, tan joggers and white tennies. It’s a simple look, yet it looks clean and put together. If I wanted to lean even more into the monochromatic style trend, I could swap my tan joggers for black joggers or leggings.

Jean Jacket outfit idea for fall

Flannel outfit idea for fall

Classic in Flannel

Flannels are great over simple tank tops or even graphic T-shirts. In this outfit, I choose just a basic black tank, jeans and brown boots to pair with my flannel. Depending on the fall activity that I’m partaking in, I may even throw this flannel over a basic black dress.

Neutral and Cozy

This outfit is super comfy and easy to put together! I simply paired an oversized knit sweater with jeans and matching brown booties and threw on a rancher-style hat to complete the look.

Fall is here! Are you ready?

About Megan Roshak: A lifestyle blogger from Green Bay, Megan loves style, a good deal and supporting her local Goodwill. You can find her on Instagram @megan.roshak.