Transforming an old t-shirt into a reusable bag is not just a fun DIY project, but it’s also a fantastic way to reduce waste and promote sustainability. This guide will show you how to give a thrifted T-shirt from Goodwill NCW a new lease on life as a practical and washable bag. You’ll only need two materials and a bit of creativity to get started! 

DIY T-Shirt Bag final image


DIY T-Shirt Bag Project Steps


Gather supplies

T-shirt: Choose any T-shirt of your preference from your local Goodwill NCW store. The larger the shirt, the bigger your bag will be, so keep that in mind when selecting your T-shirt. 

Scissors: A pair of sharp scissors is crucial for making clean cuts through the fabric.


Prepare Your T-shirt: 

Begin by laying your Tshirt out on a flat surface. Make sure there are no wrinkles or folds, as these can lead to uneven cuts. 

Step 1 of DIY T-Shirt Bag


Mark and Cut the Collar: 

Carefully mark a line around the collar of the T-shirt. This will be the opening of your bag, so you can adjust the size according to how wide you want the opening to be. Once marked, use your scissors to cut the collar off, following the line you’ve drawn. 


Cut Off the Sleeves: 

Next, cut the sleeves off the T-shirt. The cut line will form the handles of your bag, so try to cut smoothly and evenly. 


Turn the Shirt Inside Out and Cut Strips at the Bottom: 

Turn the T-shirt inside out, so the seams are visible. At the bottom of the shirt, cut horizontal strips about 1 to 2 inches wide and 3 inches long. Ensure that you cut through both the front and back layers of the t-shirt. Continue cutting strips across the bottom. 

Step 4 cutting your shirt


Tie the Strips Together: 

Once you have a row of strips along the bottom of the shirt, start tying them together. Tie the front strip to its corresponding back strip with a secure knot. Repeat this process for all the pairs of strips. This will seal the bottom of your bag and create a fringe detail. 

Step 5 tying strips


Turn It Right Side Out: 

After all the strips are tied, turn the bag right side out. The knots you’ve tied should now be on the inside, giving your bag a neat appearance. 

Congratulations! You’ve just created a reusable and washable bag out of an old T-shirt. This DIY project is not only a great way to upcycle unused clothing, but it also contributes to reducing plastic bag usage, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Feel free to customize your bag with fabric paint, embroidery, or any other decorations to add a personal touch. Enjoy your new, stylish, and sustainable bag! 

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Transforming an old t-shirt into a reusable bag is not just a fun DIY project, but it’s also a fantastic

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