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Get thrifty with candles and make your own this fall for budget-friendly prices. Homemade candles make great gifts, and they make your home feel warm and cozy through the fall and winter months.

Visit a few Goodwill NCW locations and check back often to hunt down the materials you’ll need to get started.

Jars to get thrifty with candles


Containers and Jars

Get creative with the variety of glass, ceramic and tin containers, cups, glasses and jars that can hold your candles. Just avoid plastic.

Choose the best wick for your containers following these wick guidelines.

Wax for making candles


Recycled Wax

Load up the cart. Gently used candles, unused awkward candles, throw it in! If you’re using transparent containers, stick to the same-ish colored wax. If you plan to use waxes of different colors, use opaque containers and jars for best results.

REMEMBER: Only wax candles will work for this project, not gel- or battery-operated candles.

double boiler for candle wax


Double Boilers and Stir Spoons

No need to buy an expensive double boiler when a pitcher or pot within a pot is all you need. Find two containers in the kitchen aisle where one fits into the other. Water will go in your bottom pot, wax will melt in the top. Also pick up a big wax-stirring spoon while you’re at it.

Happy candle-making, thriftanista! Let the hunt begin!

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