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Have you ever opened your closet and thought, “Wow, I have way too much stuff”? Well, organizing your closet can be a fun project. Plus, you can help others by donating your unwanted gently used items to Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin (Goodwill NCW). Here’s how to organize and elevate your closet to bring a little calm to your life:

Step 1: Take Everything Out and Clean

First things first, empty your closet. Yes, take everything out! This might seem like a big job, but it’s the best way to start. Once everything is out, grab a cloth and clean all the shelves and the floor. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even paint the inside to make it look fresh. Never underestimate the power of paint!

Step 2: Sort Your Items

Now that your closet is empty and clean, it’s time to look at all your stuff and decide what to do with it. Make two piles: one to keep and one to donate. Ask yourself:

Did I wear this in the last year?

Does it fit?

Do I LOVE it?

If you answer “no” to any of these, think about donating that item.

Organize your closet into two piles


Take everything out and sort into two piles: one to keep and one to donate.

Step 3: Decide What to Give to Goodwill

Goodwill NCW will take gently used clothes, shoes, hats, and even some items from your room that you don’t use anymore. When you give things to Goodwill, you’re making an impact on our community. Just make sure what you’re donating is clean and not broken.

Organize your closet by color


Step 4: Put Back and Organize What You’re Keeping

With your keep pile, it’s time to put everything back in a way that makes sense. Here are some tips:

By Season: Keep the clothes you wear now in easy-to-reach places. Pack away clothes for the other seasons.

By Color: Put your clothes in order by color to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Tip: Rainbow your closet. By putting away in a rainbow method, you’ll easily be able to locate all reds, oranges, blues, etc., while creating visual appeal. Black and white colored items can go at the beginning or end of your rainbowed closet.

Good Hangers: Use hangers that are nice to your clothes to keep them from getting messed up. Tip: Choose one color of hanger for that elevated touch.

Use Space Smartly: Use boxes, shelves, and things to keep small items organized.

Step 5: Take Your Donations to Goodwill

Grab a box or a bag, pack up the stuff you’re giving away, and take it to your local Goodwill NCW.

Step 6: Keep It Up

Try to keep your closet neat by checking now and then to see if there’s more you can donate, especially when you get new items. This way, your closet won’t get too crowded.

Donate items from your closet


Cleaning your closet isn’t just about making your room look great. It’s also a chance to help others. You’re not just getting rid of stuff; you’re making an impact. So, grab those boxes, sort your stuff, and organize & elevate your closet to make your closet and the world a little better.

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