Did you know that March 1 is National Pig Day? While most people are now looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day after celebrating Valentines Day, many miss their chance to go hog wild on March 1. National Pig Day has been around since 1972. It’s a day meant to respectfully remember these smart oinkers in ways other than enjoying them on a plate. This year, make a pig deal out of celebrating National Pig Day with these great options for celebrating:

Fatten up that piggy bank. Collect all the change around the house. Check the cushions and all your pockets. Then, when it’s nice and full, make a trip to your local Goodwill NCW store to do some secondhand shopping. Remember, your purchases fund programs that put our neighbors on a path of sustained employment and improved financial stability! 

Hit up Goodwill NCW to devour a new-to-you cookbook! Maybe you can find a vegetarian cookbook to help save our porky friends bacon bits. You can learn new skills, while helping your neighbors learn new skills, too. Remember, out of every dollar from Goodwill NCW store sales, on average 90 cents goes back into the community through skillbuilding programs. 

Don’t be boar-d, make it a family movie night. Whether it’s Peppa Pig, Babe or a story from HOG-warts (snort) Goodwill NCW has a trough of movies that will make you as happy as a pig in mud. 

Wishing you a pig-ture perfect National Pig Day!