Snowbird season used to be almost exclusively for retirees or seniors, but people of any age are now flocking to warmer weather during the winter months, especially with 41% of the workforce fully remote, according to Statista.
Loading up the RV can be an expensive task. Make sure you have everything you need by checking out these thrift tips on stocking your RV for snowbird season.

Storage items

Staying organized in your RV is the best way to make use of your limited space. Using hanging organizers — like the ones traditionally used for shoes — on the inside of cabinet doors can be a great way for holding everything from kitchen spices to toiletry items. Look for divided organizers to use inside the cabinetry you already have to best utilize your space. Tableware and silverware fit better in drawers when they have an organizer.

Storage for stocking your RV


Don’t assume you’ll have space for a full wardrobe. Streamline as much as possible by building your wardrobe based on weather, location and what activities you will do. Lightweight fleece zip-ups can be layered with other shirts and used all year. A few other key items include sleepwear, swimwear, hats, raincoat, lightweight sweaters, sandals and hiking boots.

Kitchen items for stocking your RV

Kitchen considerations

Eating on the road might call for the convenience of paper plates, but the cost and waste can add up quickly. Find tableware and utensils at your local Goodwill for a fraction of the cost of new. Be sure to grab everything you need to prepare meals such as pots and pans, cooking and serving utensils, dishes, glasses, oven mitts and hand towels. Consider a pressure cooker for a simple way to make meals with minimal effort after a long day on the road.

Tools and other items

You never know what you might encounter on the road so be prepared for any situation with a toolkit, flashlights or even a headlamp for hands-free working.


While stocking your RV with your modern-day items like tablets, laptops and chargers, don’t forget books, games and puzzles for nonelectronic entertainment options. Outdoor equipment is a must, depending on your destination. Consider fishing poles, exercise equipment and hiking gear.

Entertainment for stocking your RV