In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s embark on a heartwarming journey of creativity and repurposing. ? Imagine discovering a hidden gem at Goodwill NCW and transforming it into a delightful gift that spreads love and joy! 

DIY candy dispenser finished image

DIY Candy Dispenser Project Steps


Gather supplies

  • Candy dispenser from Goodwill NCW 
  • Soft brushes 
  • Mild cleaning solution 
  • Heart-shaped candies 
  • Decorative sticker label 
  • Chalk 



Explore the aisles of Goodwill NCW to find a candy dispenser.



Clean the candy dispenser using the mild cleaning solution and soft brushes.


DIY candy dispenser step 2 cleaning item



Fill the compartments with vibrant candies, fun heart-shaped candies will add a festive touch!



Create a decorative sticker label and write a Valentine’s message on it.

DIY candy dispenser step 4 sticker item



Display and spread joy! Your customized candy dispenser is sure to surprise and delight loved ones or colleagues.

This DIY candy dispenser adventure isn’t just about crafting; it’s about cherishing the beauty of repurposing everyday items into tokens of love. Let’s celebrate the joy found in transforming forgotten objects into heartfelt gifts, embracing the essence of upcycling. 

So, let’s use our creativity, and spread love this Valentine’s Day—one candy dispenser at a time! 

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