The Power of Money

Discover proven ways to reach your financial goals by attending the free Power of Money workshop or contact us for personalized, financial counseling services.

Power of Money workshops restore couple’s hopes and financial well-being

Attending the Power of Money workshop series offered the first spark of hope for a couple dealing with the financial aftermath of being taken advantage of. Their credit card balances had increased to the point the payments were no longer affordable. They needed to find a better way to deal with the debt and stress.

Through the Power of Money workshop, they learned what expenses to prioritize and options to consider for their debt. The class brought them together as a couple and strengthened their mutual desire to seek solutions.

They met with a financial counselor to confidentially share their story and understand the options. They gained a better understanding of their personal money habits and how changing those habits would benefit both their relationship and their bottom line.

The counselor identified a debt management plan as the best way to make the credit card payments affordable and simplified, and the couple learned they could reduce both their payment amounts and the number of years they would pay. Finally, good news!

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“We were discouraged that it would take forever to recover from our mistakes. Now we both agree on a plan that will work for us,” she said.

Now they have an affordable debt management plan in place, one easy payment and continued support.

Discover proven ways to:

  • Build a budget that works
  • Spend less and save more
  • Reduce debt
  • Prepare for unexpected expenses
  • Have financial peace of mind
  • Reach your goals

Regardless of the reason you might have high credit balances, our financial counselors can help. Learn how you can reach your financial goals by attending the Power of Money workshop or reach out for financial counseling services to seek specific solutions by calling 920-886-1000. 

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