9 years ago Ryan came to work at Goodwill through a partnership with Aspiro. He now works full-time on the Green Bay West team as a runner and donor greeter. “As a donor greeter, the goal is to make it to the donation drop-off area within 5 seconds of any car pulling up with a donation,” Ryan said. “So wherever I am in the store, I try and do that.”

“Ryan has overcome barriers through communication, developing a plan, and putting in the effort needed to be successful in his role,” said Jennifer, Store Team Leader. “He embraces our values daily through his positive attitude, willingness to learn, and adaptability to the environment. His role requires him to think forward and plan for the needs of the business which he exemplifies every shift.”

Ryan is determined to help others in his role, and his ability to help others before himself has been noticed and appreciated by his team. “When we get a new team member, Ryan steps up to be their peer trainer. He’s really good at that,” said Dawn, Manager of Career Navigators.