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Here’s the 3 steps to homemade kombucha and everything you need to know to get crafty in the kitchen and brew a batch of kombucha with supplies from your local Goodwill NCW.

Enjoy the holiday flavors of cinnamon, orange, cranberry, apple and cherry in a festive drink that is fizzy, delicious and good for your health this holiday season!

Glass Jar for homemade kombucha


1. Gather Supplies from Goodwill NCW

Shop today and pick up supplies you need to brew kombucha at home.

Pick up a large glass beverage dispenser with a plastic spigot to brew your kombucha (no metal!). You’ll also need a few cotton napkins to protect the environment of your kombucha as it ferments.

Check out the glass aisle for swing-top bottles or wide- and regular-mouth glass jars to store your brew. Finally, pick up a sieve to filter excess sediment while bottling your finished brew.

Ingredients for Kombucha


2. Brew a Holiday Recipe

Make your base brew using this recipe from brewbuch.com. Then, try a recipe below to flavor your brew with your favorite holiday flavors!

Cranberry-Orange Sippers from Living Well Kitchen

Apple-Cinnamon Spritzers from live eat learn

Cherry-Almond Mocktails from Homesteading Family

Glasses for your homemade kombucha


3. Serve and Sip in Style

Great job getting your brew ready to enjoy! Serve your holiday kombucha over ice in thrifted glasses with a garnish of rosemary sprigs, fresh fruit, a cinnamon stick and sprinkle of sugar.

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