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Do you have a pet that you adore and cherish? If so, think about picking up a one-of-a-kind gift for your pet the next time you’re in your local Goodwill NCW store. Goodwill NCW has a wide array of necessities that your pet will adore. No matter what you pick up, thrifting for your pet at Goodwill will make your pet happy and you can feel good knowing you’re helping people in our community!

Think about looking for blankets and pillows for your pets. Goodwill NCW has many throw blankets, comforters, and pillows that you can choose from. If you’re lucky you may even find a dog bed while you’re out thrifting! Comforters and blankets also make great cushions for pets’ crates. Let your pooch lounge in style and unlock a new level of comfort.

Pet Bed from Goodwill NCW


It can be hard to keep up with everything that your pet may need. In the winter, some dogs and cats may need coats to help keep them warm, and when the summer rolls around they may need items like a life jacket for trips to the lake. You might be able to find all these items at Goodwill for a fraction of the full retail price.

Thrifted Clothing for Your Pet at Goodwill NCW


Help your pet get festive by picking up a new outfit. If your pet needs a new birthday hat, holiday sweater, or a Halloween costume, see if your local Goodwill NCW has what you’re looking for. Often, Goodwill NCW also has collars, leashes, and halters that might fit your pet perfectly.

Is your furry friend a fan of toys? Look no further than Goodwill NCW for an assortment of pet playthings! They offer a variety of toys in all different shapes and sizes, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect match to keep your pet entertained and active. Whether your dog loves to chase bouncing balls or you have a cat that can’t resist a swishing feather toy, Goodwill NCW has something that your pet will absolutely treasure.

If you travel with your pet, make sure to check your local Goodwill for pet carriers and cages. If you like carrying your pooch around in a tote bag or a pet backpack, make sure to look by the purse section for pet friendly items. Goodwill NCW often has a variety of different size carriers perfect for toting your pup around in style.

Pet Carriers at Goodwill NCW


Another great section to check out for your pets is the glass section. No matter what size food bowl you need, Goodwill NCW has you covered. I like buying items for my pet from Goodwill NCW because I know they are one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique. If your kitten needs a bowl for kibble, your hamster needs a mini dish for treats, or your bunny needs a new tray for hay, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Even if you don’t have a pet, but still love animals, there are many ways that you can utilize Goodwill NCW to help a furry friend. Contact your local animal shelter and ask if they need specific items. Humane societies often accept blankets, food, or toys for pets looking for their forever homes.

Whatever your pet needs to feel at home, it’s worth taking a trip to your local Goodwill to look for it. The best part about going to Goodwill NCW is you never know what you will find. Let your pet experience the thrill of thrifting by picking up a stuffed animal, blanket, or coat for your furry friend!

Brooke Nelson

About Brooke Nelson: Brooke is a student at UW-Stout who has a passion for fashion and a knack for thrifting. You can find her on Instagram @brookeenel

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Thrifting for Your Pet at Goodwill NCW

Do you have a pet that you adore and cherish? If so, think about picking up a one-of-a-kind gift for

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