If you didn’t know before, you know now: May 5-11, 2024, is Goodwill Week! Every year during the first full week of May, more than 150 Goodwill organizations around the world celebrate the power of work to transform lives and our founder Edgar J. Helm’s philosophy of offering “a hand up, not a handout.”

We invite you to celebrate with us this year! Here are 7 Ways (plus, a bonus idea) to celebrate Goodwill Week—and beyond:

Sunday, May 5: Check out our new Color of the Week

We offer great deals every day, including our Color of the Week discounts, which start fresh every Sunday. Pop some tags and get 50% off all purple-tagged items May 5 through May 11. Did you know? We post our entire Color of the Week calendar online or you can sign up to receive Color of the Week texts to remind you of what color is coming next!

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Monday, May 6: Get to know your neighbors

Your impact stays local. Because of shoppers like you, individuals across north central Wisconsin overcome barriers to employment through Goodwill NCW employment services. When you are checking out new-to-you treasures at one of our stores, you can feel confident that your purchase transforms the lives of those around you because an average of 90 cents of every dollar in sales is reinvested into Elevating People by Eliminating Barriers to Employment. See the impact you make in your part of the state and read the stories of Frank, Matthew, Emma and others.

Sign Up for Good Points as a way to celebrate Goodwill Week


Tuesday, May 7: Earn rewards for shopping

Do. Not. Miss. Out. Sign up for Good Points to earn points every time you shop. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s rewarding. With every dollar spent on donated merchandise, you earn one point. Before you know it, 100 Good Points will earn you a $5 reward toward your next purchase. If you have already signed up for our Good Points program, contact us to complete your profile for bonus perks like a $5 gift during the month of your birthday.

Also, for a limited time in May, amp up your impact with three shopping trips to Goodwill NCW between May 1 – 31 and receive boosts of 15 and 25 extra Good Points on your second and third trips! Good Points customers with a subscribed email address are eligible for this special promotion.

While you’re at it, tell your friends and family to join you in the rewarding experience too!

Wednesday, May 8: Join us in protecting our planet

Wisconsinites love the natural beauty of our state. Through our sustainable practices, we aim to protect our planet, and you can too when you donate and shop. Wrap up your spring cleaning by donating your gently used items to contribute to our annual average of diverting more than 35 million pounds of items from local landfills each year. Shop to give items a second chance at finding a new home and pack your purchases in reusable bags. Forgot yours? No problem! You can purchase a bag in our stores near the registers. With your help, we saved more than 2.7 million plastic bags from entering the environment in 2023.

Also, if you haven’t yet experienced the Goodwill NCW Outlet store and you REALLY love a treasure hunt while reducing waste, this is a great week to take a road trip to Appleton. At Goodwill NCW’s Outlet store, items that did not sell in stores are priced per pound for a second chance at generating funds to support the mission. From there, Goodwill NCW partners with salvage vendors and recycling facilities to sell items and reduce landfill waste.

Thursday, May 9: Spring into Summer for a chance to wing BIG

Now is the time to update your summer sandals, swimsuits, sun hats, shorts and so much more. Visit any of our 28 locations for your summer essentials and while you’re there make sure you enter to win a gift card every time you shop through May 31. Look for the entry box near the front of the store for your chance to win a $250, $100 or $50 gift card! Click here for full entry rules.

Spring into Summer giveaway Image


Friday, May 10: Let us show you around the place

Do you ever wonder what happens to your generous donations? We’d be happy to unravel the mystery for you! Sign up to take a tour at one of our stores and we can show you how your donations become the spark that ignites life-changing job skills for neighbors in our communities. If you can’t fit a tour in your schedule, read our blog about what happens between the donation door and sales floor.

Saturday, May 11: Ready for more?!

We’re just getting started! Let’s stay in touch. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and text messages to stay up to date on the latest gift card promotions, fashion trends, thrift tips, DIY project videos and inspiring stories about the individuals served through our mission.

Bonus—here’s one more way to celebrate this week! All week long, participate in our selfie contest. Take a selfie in one of our Goodwill NCW stores and post it on either Facebook or Instagram. Use the hashtag #HelloGoodwillNCW May 5–11 to enter to win some swag. We will pick 7 winners to receive a Goodwill NCW care package!

We wish you a very happy Goodwill Week and hope you see you soon!

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