Since there is no one quite like you, why not make your own Halloween costume this year one-of-a-kind, too, with thrift-store finds? Get creative and spend as much (or little) time as you want on your costume. There’s no need to spend a lot of money. Here are some of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes ideas and shopping tips to help you recreate these looks secondhand for a great value.




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Historical fashion

With historical TV series and movies on the rise, Halloween can be a fun time to explore a fashion you love from a different time period.

Take the Rococo fashion of the 18th century, which was all about extravagance, elegance, refinement and decoration. Mix and match jewelry, shoes and dresses from Goodwill to nail this trending look. Think long, puffy dresses, short-heeled clogs, big hair and choke necklaces.

Tip: Always be open to putting a unique spin on your costume if you get an idea from something you come across while shopping. For example, instead of a regular wig for our Rococo look, consider making a floral wig using plastic flowers and greenery from Goodwill.


Quick and clever costumes

Some of the funniest and most clever costumes can be simplest in design. You can turn two ping-pong balls and a new-to-you sweater into a deep-sea monster in a matter of minutes. Or easily recreate static cling by pinning dryer sheets and random clothing articles all over your body.

Tip: As you browse the aisles, look at the ordinary items you pass through the lens of your own experiences. Does anything stand out that you have a funny memory about? Can you transform that scene into an original costume?


Stick figure spins

The stick figure costume has become a classic, and we wanted to share some fashionable spins on it.

For daytime trick-or-treaters, the monochromatic stick figure really pops. Pick out a new-to-you black or white outfit from head-to-toe, then use tape of the opposite color to outline your character.

Tip: Get creative with a statement accessory that is black, white or a pop of bright color. (Think backpack, bow, top hat or oversized beaded necklace.)


For evening trick-or-treaters and party-goers, pick out a black outfit from head-to-toe and follow these instructions to become a 2D glowing character that floats or dances through the night.

Tip: Explore pop art by incorporating statement pieces into your outfit outlined with glow sticks (think suit coat, vest, hat, purse, shoes or accessories).


For other fun ideas, including hair and makeup tutorials, one-of-a-kind costumers and festive decorations, visit the Original Halloween Headquarters website

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