I was making my way through the pants aisle when I came across this pair of leggings, and I wasn’t sure what they were. Athletic wear? Some sort of support undergarment? I checked the fabric tag, and they were 100% percent polyester. Exercise apparel usually has a water- wicking blend, so that ruled out workout wear.

I still wasn’t sure about the waffle type of material. I tried them on and found out that they looked better on. That just goes to show that you should always try items on before judging the garment. Consider that a pro thrifter tip!

Now I just needed to find a longer tunic to go over these unusual yet cute leggings. I found just the thing with a checkered black and white print that caught my attention with the asymmetrical side panel. This a bonus because it tricks the eye and gives you an immediate slimming appearance. That’s a win!

Always remember to shop the accessories! I found all of mine at Goodwill — silver bracelet, beautiful necklace with multi gray and black shades, and a fringed clutch.


Cost breakdown: Leggings, $8.99; Comfy USA tunic, $6.99; silver bracelet, $6.99; silver fringed clutch, $5.99; and NYC necklace, $6.99.

Fashionista Therese Bishop

About Therese Bishop: Therese is Goodwill’s fashionista and always is on the hunt for her next great treasure. She writes regularly about her fashion finds.