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It’s canning season across Wisconsin and we’re excited to roll up our sleeves and get started! Stop into Goodwill NCW and pick up the items you need to get thrifty with canning your own foods this fall.

Hunt down these common materials needed to get started by visiting a few Goodwill locations at a time and checking back often!

Get thrifted pots


Pots, Racks and Funnels

No need for an expensive water bath canner and rack. Check out the kitchen aisle and thrift a pot tall enough to hold your jars, with room for about an inch or more of boiling water on top.

Next, find a circular cooling rack that fits your pot to elevate your jars as they boil. Hats off for finding a funnel to help guide the goods into the jars.

Glass jars for canning


Glass Jars

Uniformity of jars is not important when canning. Check the glass aisle for wide- and regular-mouth glass jars that you can sterilize and reuse for your canning projects.

Just always remember to use new lids!

Recipe book and jars for canning


Recipe Books

Check out our book section and see if you can find canning recipes for pasta sauce, applesauce, pickles and more. You might even find some bonus slow-cooker and soup favorites.

Happy canning, thriftanista. Let the hunt begin!

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