A busy summer has wrapped up, and we’re excited to slow things down and settle into the fall season.

To celebrate the cooler weather and bountiful harvest upon us, we have three thrifty hobbies you can explore this autumn that will bring coziness and health to your home. It also happens that these projects make great homemade gifts for the holiday season ahead.

If you’ve ever wanted to explore preserving your own foods, candle-making or kombucha brewing, now’s the time. We’re here to support your creative endeavors, and the best part? You can pick up many of the materials needed to get started from your local Goodwill NCW for a budget-friendly price.


Food Preservation

Want to enjoy nature’s bounty through the winter months? Process seasonal produce from your farmers’ market this fall to enjoy goodies like salsa, pasta sauce and applesauce next February.

To get started, find two stovetop pots, rack, funnel, glass storage containers and recipe books at your local Goodwill.

Learn more about food preservation.


Kombucha Brewing

Enjoy a refreshing, non-alcoholic brew of kombucha, which is a fizzy beverage loaded with beneficial probiotics. Plus you’ll get to grow your very own SCOBY.

To get started, pick up cotton cloths, large beverage dispenser, strainer and glass storage bottles from your local Goodwill.

Learn more about kombucha.


Candle Making

It’s an interesting concept to buy secondhand candles from Goodwill for their… wax material? Yes! Melt down the wax, remold it and, voila, brand new candles.

Stop into your local Goodwill for stovetop pots, metal pitchers, candle molds, big spoons and recycled wax to get started.

Learn more about candle making.

With the changing seasons comes an opportunity to indulge in thrifty hobbies that bring warmth and coziness to our homes while promoting health and creativity. Whether you’re keen on preserving the season’s bounty, crafting your own kombucha, or exploring the art of candle making, Goodwill NCW is here to support your endeavors. By using materials from Goodwill, you embark on a journey of creativity and contribute to sustainable living.

Happy crafting!

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