After a cold and snowy winter where layering and bundling up are the fashion musts for the moment, we’re especially eager to move forward into spring and trade those heavy scarves, chunky sweaters and heavy boots for all that a season of new beginnings has to offer.

We welcome a new season of style, and bold spring 2022 fashion trends do not disappoint. Read on for 10 spring looks you can embrace and find secondhand for less.

Hippie throwback

Psychedelic prints and vibrant knits will serve as a loving tribute to the colorful hippies of a bygone era, according to Harper’s Bazaar. But this old style is new again, thanks to refreshed styles. “Take note of interesting shapes, proportions, and weaving techniques that make these looks inescapably for here and now,” the article says. Cue the crochet!

A salute to the sun

Say goodbye to neutrals and muted colors and bring on the sunshine as “solar shades like gold, bronze, amber and marigold abound,” according to Vogue. All these sunny colors are the perfect reminder to get outside. Just remember to grab the sunscreen!

Itsy-bitsy skirts

“Spring is all about the minis,” according to Marie Claire. Miniskirts in such lighthearted prints as floral, plaids and stripes and textures, including tweed, vegan leather and flannel, are versatile, can coordinate with tops and blazers and are everyday appropriate. Pleats welcome!

Wide-leg pants

If you haven’t packed away those skinny jeans or donated them yet, it’s time. Comfy wide-leg pants are here. “Trust us, from cozy knit flared pants for a night in, to sleek trousers for a dinner with friends, there’s a variation of these pants for every occasion, and you need at least one pair in your closet for 2022,” according to The List.


Shine on

There’s no reason to save sequins and sparkles for special occasions. According to spring fashion trends, they are suitable for every day wear. “There were hints of this trend starting up again over the summer, as many folks finally felt comfortable leaving their homes and dressing up to go out again,” according to Pure Wow. “And we predict those celebratory vibes will have another surge in the new year.”

5 other top trends to consider

Cropped tops, dresses with fringe, bold black and white combinations, oversized blazers and chic athletic gear are all expected to create a stir with spring fashion trends.

As always, shopping your local Goodwill thrift store is the best way to try out new spring 2022 fashion trends. If you decide you like a new look, hooray! You saved way more than your neighbor. On the flip side, if you decide catsuits just aren’t your thing, you aren’t out more than a few dollars that went to a great cause anyway. Happy thrifting!