For all those times we hoped summer would come again, it’s finally here! Plan some time to enjoy what this season has to offer and make some fun memories to carry with you.

You never would have imagined how well sheets and summer pair together. Here are 10 ways that thrifted bedsheets can show up for you this season to make your adventures fun, comfortable and enjoyable.


Sand- or bug-free lounge space

Here’s a lifechanging hack for your trips to beaches, parks or the backyard. A fitted king or queen-size sheet can protect your towels from sand, deter creepy-crawlies from walking over you and make great playpens for kids.


DIY bed sheet hammock

New hammocks can cost hundreds of dollars, but you can make one with a thrifted queen sheet, some climbing rope and a bit of knot knowledge. Follow this video tutorial and learn how to tie secure knots. No, really, make your knots secure or this will not end well.

Pool or beach changing area

Don’t be shy! Slip into your suit or dry clothes at a crowded beach or pool by making a wall out of a sheet. Have your friends hold it for you or crouch under the sheet solo and change tent-style.

Absorbent cushion covers

If you’re sitting inside without A/C or outside on a hot day, throw an absorbent, lightweight sheet over your couch or outdoor cushions. They provide immediate relief and are easy to remove and wash. Learn how tuck sheets under cushions like a pro here.

Tents and forts

What is summer without a good tent fort? Craftinary shares 15 thrifty ways to make your own reading nook, canopy, play tent, full room tent and more! What fun patterns of sheets can you find at Goodwill NCW to rock these designs?


Braided dog toys

Play’s the word, and we have just the thing for playtime with your pup! Tear an old bedsheet into strips and braid them together to make a batch of tug-of-war dog toys. Learn how here.

Tick catchers

Do you like hiking in the woods or letting your dog roam free? Consider brushing off and undressing on a white sheet when you get back before going into the rest of the house. This is great way to find ticks that hitched a ride and shake them out outside. If you find a tick that already attached, learn how to safely remove it here.

Shadow puppets

White sheets also make great screens for shadow puppet dialogues and shows. This is a creative, expressive activity for children, and it’s as easy as hanging a white sheet outside on a sunny day or inside with a bright light behind it. The stories your kids will come up with … LOL. Learn how here.

Repurposed pajamas

There is nothing quite like the feel of cotton against your skin in the summertime. If you find a great cotton sheet while browsing the domestic goods section at Goodwill NCW, snatch it up! Sheets make great upcycled fabric to sew your own pair of easy, breezy summertime pajamas. Learn how here.


Backyard movies

Hosting an outdoor movie in your backyard can be a wonderful summer treat, and using a sheet as your projector screen is a great way to keep costs down. Learn how here.