Spring brings us wonderful gifts to enjoy and attunes us to the rhythms of nature. How cool is it that flowers start to bloom just as pollinators like bees, butterflies and moths start to look for food?

Bringing fresh flowers into your home is a great way to savor Wisconsin’s growing season and to reconnect with nature. Fleeting windowsill flowers are perfect for reminding us to look closely for every day’s blessings and seize the opportunities of each moment.

Here are 3 tips to enjoy fresh flowers around your home, and 3 things you can find at Goodwill NCW to help! Plus, if you haven’t heard about the No Mow May pollinator initiative, find out more on how you can help pollinators.

tip for single fresh flowers at home

Single flower features


In early spring, the sight of a single crocus, daffodil or small batch of siberian squill is enough to make your heart flutter. Never underestimate the flower power of a pretty secondhand shot glass from Goodwill NCW to feature small and precious early spring blooms.



Dried hanging flowers


Dried flowers preserve beauty and capture moments you can return to again and again. If you want to preserve flowers from a loved one or the farmers market, hang them upside down for a few weeks to preserve their color as they dry.

Hanging flowers give your home a country living feel, and it gets prettier the more bouquets you hang to dry, forget about and let accumulate! Here are some places to consider:

  • A ladder leaning against a wall (pictured)
  • A hanging kitchen fruit basket
  • Clothespinned to a lampshade
  • A wooden wall hanging
  • Outside your front or back door

tip for hanging fresh flowers at home

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The fresh bouquet

If you’re looking for a fresh and elegant way to tie a room together or to feature a space, putting together your own fresh flower arrangement is a great idea.

Check out these 6 DIY floral arrangements from Architectural Digest and learn how to consider flower color, angle, texture and vase style to create one-of-a-kind displays. And great news! Goodwill NCW has every shape and size of vase you can imagine to make your creative vision a reality.

Happy spring decorating, thriftanistas!