Looking for a fun way to spruce up your garden this season? Try creating your own DIY garden art with items sourced from your local Goodwill!

DIY Project Steps

Here are the items you’ll need:

  • Plates in a variety of sizes, with fun patterns and designs
  • Glass candle holders
  • Small vases or salt and pepper shakers
  • Glass bond
  • Yard stakes (Feel free to paint these in bold colors if you like.)


Sort your items and plan layout

Arrange the pieces you thrifted into piles by size. Determine the layout of your décor. Start with a large plate on the bottom and stack another, smaller one on top. Use the glass candle holder to put in the center, similar to a flower shape.

DIY garden art items


Prepare your bonding agent

Clean items according to the instructions of your bonding agent.


Start stacking

Apply the glass bond to the bottom of the middle plate. Center the top plate with the bottom plate and stick together. Apply glue to the bottom of the glass candle holder, which will serve as the middle of the flower. Center this on the plate stack. Use a small vase or glass to attach on the back side of your flower stack. This is where the art will hang on the garden stake. Once you have glued all items, allow to dry 48 hours.

DIY garden art stacking image


Put in garden

Once your pieces have dried, it’s time to install your artwork. Make sure your stakes are stable in the ground to be able to support the weight of your plates.

Now you can take the time to sit back and enjoy your DIY garden art.