There are things about the holiday season that we anticipate with delight, like putting up festive decorations. This season, put a thrifty spin on your holiday décor while saving money and keeping items out of the landfill. Here are three upcycled décor projects that use items from holidays past to make the season come alive with warmth and magic.


Spray-painted mums

Make a magical outdoor scene by spray painting a layer of silver frost over dried-out mums or milkweed stocks and decorating them with new-to-you bulb ornaments from Goodwill NCW. Learn more here.


TIP: If you want the bulb ornaments to be a certain color, check out what the hardware store has for different colors, glosses, and textures of spray paint to make your vision come alive.

Upcycled glass snow globe candle holders

Enjoy a magical winter scene in the comfort of your cozy living room by making upcycled glass snow globe candle holders. First, explore the glass aisle at Goodwill NCW and pick out some stunning, transparent glasses. Next, check out ceramic miniatures and the toy aisle to pick out characters and props for your scene. Finally, head over to candles and find tea lights that will fit well and burn safely on your upside-down glasses.


TIP: Make freshly fallen snow by pulling apart cotton balls and lining the bottom of your glass. For a stunning look of *sparkling* white snow, just add silver glitter. Get more tips for this project here.

Charlie Brown tree

There is something so sweet about the idea of upcycling secondhand items during the holiday season and breathing new life into gently used items to prolong their holiday magic. Make a Charlie Brown tree out of one-of-a-kind ornaments that people donated to Goodwill and surround yourself with the collective memories carried by unique items that have been part of previous holiday traditions.


Plus, looking through the ornaments at Goodwill NCW is just a fun time. There might be ornaments engraved with milestone years or “Love you, Mom”. You might find a hilarious Baby Yoda ornament or a misfit glass reindeer ornament missing a portion of its antler who needs a good home. Bring them all home and celebrate together!

3 ways to transform décor - Charlie Brown Tree

Photo credit: Express Thru Dress