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You splurged on that high end beautiful piece of meat, and you can’t wait to fire up the grill and get that summer cookout going. For a successful night on the flame, you also must have the right tools. Check out these essential grill tools from your local Goodwill NCW to outfit you with all you need to make sure you don’t turn that tenderloin into a piece of charcoal.


It doesn’t matter how awesome the cut of meat you have is, the correct seasoning is important. It can be as easy as the right amount of salt and pepper, or you can go deeper into flavoring with cayenne, paprika rosemary, dill and so many more. Make sure you season BEFORE you put that ribeye on the fire, as it will allow the flavors to improve while cooking. Did you know? Goodwill NCW has the spices and seasonings you need to elevate your steak and to top it off, your purchase will help our mission of Elevating People by Eliminating Barriers to Employment.

Essential Grill Spices at Goodwill NCW


Make sure you season BEFORE placing on the grill.

Essential Grill Tool Tongs and Spatulas



You gotta flip that meat over! Forget the fork, it could pierce your magnificently marbled porterhouse and cause those delicious juices to escape. Go for the tongs or spatulas instead and keep the juicy flavor. Getting utensils at Goodwill NCW will help your neighbors flip the script on their future financial stability, as your purchases support job skills programs.

Smash it!

Who doesn’t like a Smash Burger? They cook really fast, have crispy edges and are extremely juicy. Place a well-chilled burger patty/ball right on top of the onions on a hot grill and use a burger smasher to smash the burgers flat. Bon appétit! You have a restaurant quality burger right at home. Check out this smash burger recipe!

Smash Burger Tool from Goodwill NCW


Chafing Dish from Goodwill NCW


Make it a party!

Food is better with friends! Invite your besties over and ask them to bring a dish to pass. Keep the side dishes warm while you tend to the grill with a chafing dish. Fries, corn, grilled veggies will all stay at the perfect temperature!

These are just some of the essential grill tools you can get from Goodwill NCW that can make your cookout a success. By purchasing them at Goodwill NCW, you give people with barriers the job skills they need to make a better life for themselves. Your purchases provide pathways that lead to sustained employment and improved financial stability. Fire up the grill!

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You splurged on that high end beautiful piece of meat, and you can’t wait to fire up the grill and

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