We love where men’s fashion is heading as the weather warms up because it seems like many of this summer’s trendiest looks are showing up at the thrift store. Before you spend all your hard-earned cash on the hottest threads of the season, consider which styles you can find at Goodwill NCW for a fraction of the cost.

Easy suiting

According to L’Officiel, easy suiting is an approach to building a look that is stylish, comfortable and — you guessed it — easy to pull off. Feel just as good as you look classy and sophisticated in this loose-fitting, breezy attire. It’s a perfect look for meeting up with friends or doing something more lowkey like sitting on the front porch and enjoying the evening breeze.

Great news! You can thrift this look at Goodwill NCW! Keep a lookout for walking suits, linen suits or mix and match flowy bottoms and button-up, loose-fitting tees to create your own one-of-a-kind look.

Fashion league

It feels like vintage sports jackets have made an instant comeback, which we’re thrilled to see because Goodwill NCW carries a wide variety of retro, one-of-a-kind pullovers that community members have donated over time to support our mission of Elevating People by Eliminating Barriers to Employment.

Sports jackets are the perfect layer to enjoy summer nights and evenings outside. As you thrift this look, be on the lookout for windbreakers, league jackets, full-zip and button-up pullovers with stripe accents to create a slam-dunk look.

Hawaiian shirts

Hawaiian shirts have gone in and out of fashion for decades, and in 2022 they’ve shown up to the party in favor, according to spy.com. In addition to the classic motifs of floral and beach landscapes and watercolor-inspired designs, be sure to thrift for emerging trends including black and white, neon, kitty and space themes.