Are you thinking about applying for a position at Goodwill NCW? 

Do you like helping people? Do you like seeing the new to the floor items and having a unique work experience each day? Here at Goodwill NCW, each day brings something new and exciting. 

Embrace a sense of family and community  

One of the biggest things that drew me to apply to Goodwill NCW was the sense of family and community. In my interview, they had mentioned the team was like a tight-knit family. Everyone cares about each other and is willing to help one another out. There have been many days where team members brought in soup, candy and other homemade treats to work for everyone to enjoy. 

One perksof working at Goodwill NCW, co-workers

Work for an organization that cares 

Goodwill NCW is a company that really cares about their communities and the Earth. Goodwill profits go back into programs that support their local communities. Goodwill works hard to empower individuals in the community that may have barriers that prevent them from reaching success. Goodwill NCW also makes strides to help the Earth. Not only is shopping second hand sustainable, but they have also eliminated plastic bags in their stores. 

Discounts a major perk of working at Goodwill NCW

Team member benefits 

One of the benefits everyone has been waiting for is the employee discount! Team members get 25% off every donated item, and 15% off every new goods item. Goodwill NCW also provides a $50 credit towards a wellness item such as a yoga class or new running shoes. The company really values the wellness of their team members. To view all their open positions and benefits visit Join Goodwill NCW | Jobs. 

Pathways to grow professionally   

Goodwill NCW is a great company to work for, as well as grow with. The company offers a wide range of growth opportunities from starting off as a cashier to working towards a store leader, and much more. If you have a career goal in mind, Goodwill NCW will do everything in their power to help you achieve your full potential. 

Brooke Nelson

About Brooke Nelson: Brooke is a student at UW-Stout who has a passion for fashion and a knack for thrifting. You can find her on Instagram @brookeenel