Goodwill NCW always has a great variety of baskets waiting for your next upcycled project. For this project, you’ll want to look for baskets that resemble flower shapes.

Final Upcycled Flower Baskets Image


Gather supplies

  • Thrifted flower-shaped baskets
  • Variety of bright spray paints and/or acrylic paints of your choice
  • Paint brushes
  • Cloth/rag



Wipe down your baskets to ensure they are clean.

Baskets for the upcycle project



Paint your baskets to resemble flowers. Use bright colors for petals, then pick a different color for the center. Selecting a variety of colors and textures will add variety.

Painting the flower baskets



Allow the baskets to dry completely.



Hang in a group on your wall to display your art!

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