Hailey, who started as a program participant in 2020 at the Stevens Point Goodwill, has become a reliable part-time cashier who is always willing to help.

When Hailey initially interviewed for a job, she didn’t have any work-related answers to questions and lacked job experience for work history, said Sarah Morgan, Store Team Leader. As a result, they decided not to move forward with her.

Unaware that Hailey was working with a program to find employment, Sarah later received a call from the program coordinator Hailey was working with to find out more about the outcome of the job interview.

It was the beginning of breaking through employment barriers and the first lesson for Hailey — always return voicemails from potential employers. The Stevens Point team had left a voicemail asking her to return their call, but she didn’t. That was part of the feedback they provided the program coordinator along with details about the interview so he could work with her on building her interview skills.

After discussions, they decided to put Hailey through a 90-day work experience and during that time worked with her on interacting with customers, establishing appropriate workplace conversations, following dress code and responding to redirection.

After successfully completing her work experience, Hailey was hired on as a part-time cashier in March 2021 and has proven to be flexible and willing to cover call-ins’ shifts and increase her hours during others’ scheduled time off.

“She’s very, very reliable,” said Sarah, who has offered her a full-time position.

Once a supported team member, Hailey has not only graduated from that but also has expressed an interest in cross-training so she can learn production skills as well.

“We absolutely love her,” Sarah said. “She’s an asset, and we know we can count on her for anything. She’s one of the ‘yes’ girls.”