Goodwill NCW Sustainability Blogs

Goodwill NCW sustainability blogs promotes responsible consumption, recycling and landfill diversion.  Read on to see our sustainability efforts in your community.

How to Make a DIY Bag from a T-Shirt: A Sustainable Crafting Guide

Transforming an old t-shirt into a reusable bag is not just a fun DIY project, but it’s also a fantastic

Goodwill NCW celebrates Earth Month with a lineup of activities

Earlier this year, Goodwill NCW replaced non-biodegradable plastic bags with reusable and biodegradable bags at the register to reduce plastic

Join us in going plastic bag free in 2023

Did you know, plastic bags are used for 12 minutes each on average, then become waste and can take a

It’s a colorful world for tween reusable bag design winner

Nothing is black and white for 10-year-old Sidonie. Instead, life is a beautiful blend of every color imaginable. “I really

How reusable bags help combat the plastic issue

Plastic bags have made life convenient, and we hardly know life without them. Many households have found creative ways to

How to create a reusable bag habit

Are you ready to do something good for the planet that keeps plastic bags out of the landfill? Here are

Build your own zero-waste dining-on-the-go kit

One way you can do your part to reduce waste is by embracing reusable alternatives when you’re eating at a

Why sustainable shopping should include repairs

What does it mean for something to be “new.” The most frequent way we hear about it in terms of

5 earth-friendly habits to embrace

Just about everyone I know is, in some way, striving to become more eco-conscious. But at times the whole process

Post-retail sales a major part of sustainability efforts

Goodwill NCW’s post-retail sales sustainability efforts divert items from the landfill by sending products to salvage vendors and/or recycling facilities.

6 reasons to shop secondhand for the environment

It’s a big responsibility to be a consumer these days. Accessing the information needed to make informed purchases is challenging

How to shop thrift fashions by fabric and be eco-friendly

There is no one right way to shop thrift for fashions. Some thrifters immediately check the brand name, while others