Goodwill NCW Mission Blogs

Goodwill NCW mission blogs showcase our mission in action with stories about neighbors in your community. Read on to see how our mission impacts your neighbors. 

Jeremy’s Goodwill NCW story: When you feel like everything is lost, it’s not

Jeremy credits his time at Goodwill NCW for much of the good in his life today. “Goodwill means, to me,

5 easy ways to boost your money management skills

Spring into less stress and more money management success this season! Our team of trained financial counselors on Goodwill NCW’s

Career EXCELerate clears roadblocks for job seekers

 Roadblocks. Barriers. Challenges. There are many labels for the situations that get in the way of life goals. Pursuing

The data adds up at Goodwill NCW

Every healthy nonprofit wrestles with a few critical questions over its lifetime. Among them are:   How do we know our

Mason’s Goodwill Story: Pursuing his dream job

 From a very early age, Mason always expressed that he wanted to be a chef. As he completed his

Goodwill NCW’s new program offers a unique recruitment option to employers

Talk to almost any employer today and one common topic that will surface is the challenge of hiring enough workers.

Thanks for being our good neighbor

The iconic picture of a good neighbor is one that is ready to lend you a cup of sugar when

New partnership with Goodwill NCW offers digital skills to local manufacturers

Whether or not employees have the experience to comfortably navigate digital technologies, they are increasingly asked to hop on devices

Goodwill NCW’s School-to-Work is a bridge to future success

The school year is just around the corner, and that means Goodwill NCW stores are getting ready to welcome high

Ben’s Goodwill Story: Confidence Restored

 Ben was reluctant when he first thought about participating in an internship program called Project SEARCH, which prepares people

La Crosse Goodwill team member receives international award

Taylor Devenport was born prematurely, leading to delays in her development. While attending Logan High School in La Crosse, WI,

Have you heard of Disability Pride Month?

Disability Pride Month is celebrated in July, the month that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was first signed into

Tad’s Goodwill Story: Rebuilding Financial Independence

 Tad has a wealth of knowledge and a variety of life experiences. He is a Veteran who served in

AJ’s Goodwill Story: The possibilities are endless

 AJ stands out among his peers as a hard worker with a big heart. When he was a junior,

Beyond the buzzword: Inclusion in the workplace

The word inclusion is top of mind for many forward-thinking workplaces. But what does it look like day-to-day for people

Matt’s Goodwill Story: Belief in others makes our mission matter

 Matt’s journey with Goodwill NCW began in 2015 at a point in his life that he describes as his

Tammie takes the title of most tenured team member

Time flies when you love what you do. Just ask Tammie Penney, Goodwill NCW’s most tenured team member to date.

Tina found her home at Goodwill

 Tina is very open about what she has overcome to get to where she is today. Tina grew up

Marge leaves a lasting impression in Eau Claire

Marge Cockeram recently retired from the Eau Claire Goodwill after 17 years as a team member in production, the area

Andrew’s passion for Goodwill is personal

 Andrew Schleiss’ life was positively impacted by Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin (NCW) even before he was hired.

Jen makes it her career to inspire others

 Jen Meisner has a unique ability for encouraging others’ growth. She first discovered her skills while she was a

Tina finds her voice and pays it forward

Tina Wiley has always dreamed of being an advocate for people with disabilities. As a person who uses a wheelchair,

Green Bay West Goodwill team doesn’t let barriers get in the way of opportunity

In January 2021, leaders met with an employment consultant looking to get her client, Damian, started at Goodwill through a

The sky’s the limit at Ashwaubenon Goodwill

The Ashwaubenon Goodwill’s approach to serving program participants is opening up opportunities for individuals and for the store. Their efforts

Job coaches help participants reach their full potential

Goodwill NCW provides pathways to individuals who are underserved, underrepresented and disadvantaged who have a goal of building skills that

Work experience proves vital for cashier at Stevens Point Goodwill

Hailey, who started as a program participant in 2020 at the Stevens Point Goodwill, has become a reliable part-time cashier

Neenah team member pushes beyond limits

Rebecca Thuot, Neenah Goodwill Store Team Leader, is a big believer in working with community partners to create an inclusive

Rib Mountain Goodwill team member who lost his sight finding his way

At the Rib Mountain Goodwill, where there’s a will there’s a way. “One of our biggest success stories is Mark,”

La Crosse team members gain skills, confidence and friendship

 Another chapter has been written in the beloved story of George and Taylor. George, who is blind, started coming

Grand Chute Goodwill team members making an impression

Two former program participants who are assets to the Grand Chute Goodwill. These Goodwill team members are making an impression

Growth through programs and independent living leads to hiring

Matthew’s growth through programs leads to hiring with Goodwill. Matthew came to the Neenah Goodwill through the School-to-Work program, which

Middle-schooler makes amends through Goodwill NCW’s restorative justice program

Read Dani’s Letter   The Fuchs family of Merrill was introduced to the restorative justice process after a vandalism incident

A Goodwill Story — Daniel from Rhinelander

Goodwill mission story of Daniel. The Rhinelander Goodwill gained a successful team member when they saw a program participant for

How to avoid elder financial abuse

Elder financial exploitation, which has been referred to as a crime of the 21st century, is a growing form of

Tomah Goodwill team member grateful to another for saving her life

Dawnette and Marissa were simply acquaintances and coworkers, but that changed on Jan. 18.  Marissa, 26, was sitting in the

School-to-Work students excelling at Lake Hallie Goodwill

School-to-Work students excelling at Lake Hallie Goodwill, their pride and accomplishments runs deep.  Between the two local high schools, the

Team member has place to live, with help from Goodwill NCW program

Sarah with her daughter at their apartment.     Sarah, a team member at the Lake Hallie Retail Store, can

Work experience program leads to employment for new Rhinelander team member

When Daniel joined the Rhinelander Retail Store through an 18-month work experience program through Goodwill NCW’s partnership with Inclusa and