Sweater weather is the perfect time to DIY these simple poofy pumpkins to add to your fall home décor.

DIY Poofy Pumpkins Project Steps


  • Thrifted sweater or flannel shirt
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Rubber bands
  • Fiber filling



Cut sweater or shirt into a rectangle of fabric.



Cut sweater or shirt into a rectangle of fabric.



Gather fabric around the filling and secure with a rubber band. It’s fine if the fabric overlaps a bit at the top because this will help with the illusion of grooves in the pumpkin.





Using longer pieces of twine, wrap them fully around the pumpkin and tie tightly at the top to make the grooves. Continue this in alternating directions around the pumpkin, cutting extra lengths of twine after knotting them at the top.



At the top of the pumpkin, starting near the base of the gathered fabric piece by the rubber band, wrap the fabric in twine and continue upward, creating the “stem” of the pumpkin. Knot at the base of the stem to secure it. Trim any excess fabric still peeking out of the top of the stem.



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