There are so many fun activities you can do during winter. Whether you prefer outdoor activities like skiing or indoor activities like board games, you can find everything you need at your local Goodwill.

Snow Much Fun

Get outdoors and have some fun in the snow!

  • Bundle up in clothing, from head to toe: You’ll want a good hat, scarf and gloves. A warm winter jacket will also help you stay comfortable when you’re out and about. You might also want a pair of snow pants or insulated pants. Make sure your footwear can handle any terrain that’s ahead of them—including snow and ice! If possible, find boots with rubber soles so you won’t slip. And don’t forget socks. Choose ones made with wool or fleece.

Check out a previous blog to see how to make your own mittens from a wool sweater or line your own outdoor gear with fleece.

  • Build a snowy friend: When there is heavy snow, bundle up and head outside to build a snowman. Whether you want to make a traditional snowman or one that stands out of the crowd, grab your items from Goodwill NCW.
  • Take a hike: If you find snowshoes or skis, pick them up for a fun way to explore your local nature preserve or neighborhood park.
  • Find a local hill: Who doesn’t love sledding? It is fun for the whole family. Grab a sled, find a hill and have fun.

winter sleds

Cozy up inside

Keep busy indoors with some thrifted treasures!

  • Grab game night goodies: Pick up a few board games at your local Goodwill and invite a few friends or family members over. Games are wonderful for bringing people together. Don’t forget to shop for comfy clothes and snacks to create the perfect evening.

winter fun books

  • Host a movie marathon: Movie night is always a hit. Grab a few DVDs, some popcorn and your favorite warm drink. Settle in for a cozy movie night with new or gently used blankets and pillows from Goodwill NCW.
  • Escape in a good book: When it comes to books, you can never have too many. Stock up on some mystery novels or add your collection of biographies. You can find all types of books for kids, teens and adults. Look for something outside of your usual genre and pick up a good reading lamp while you’re at it.
  • Put together the pieces: Puzzles are another great indoor activity that’ll keep kids and adults alike entertained all winter long. Try completing one as a family project when it’s too cold outside.
  • Get crafty: Winter is a perfect season to fit in some craft time. Goodwill NCW is the place to stock up on supplies for your first or next project. To get you started, grab a picture frame and some paint and add a personal touch to the frame. Check out our DIY project playlist on YouTube for more inspiration.