This time of year, it’s like our very own festival of trees in our Goodwill NCW stores. Come check out our indoor tree farm and find the perfect artificial Christmas trees for your home!

Our 27 Goodwill NCW stores offer a variety of trees in an assortment of styles and sizes, beginning with table-top versions starting at $4.99 and growing in size from there, including ones with functioning lights — white, multi-color and decorative bulbs.

Each is unique and can transform your home — inside or out. Think of thrifted Christmas trees when you are looking for a primary tree for a family or living room or as a secondary tree for a finished basement or one for the work or home office A small one for a children’s room can add a festive touch or put a few on a porch as a cozy welcome to family and friends.

Decorated with ornaments, tree skirts, toppers and garland, this traditional holiday custom is the centerpiece of the festivities.

No storage? No problem! Just donate your thrift store tree to any of our stores once the season has passed.

Goodwill thrift store tip: Don’t forget about our 50% off color-of-the-week tags! Look for the featured color of the week — purple, green, blue, yellow, pink — and save half off your item. Artificial Christmas trees are included!