Jenni, a team member at the Plover Retail Store and Training Center since 2015, feels the love. It’s the love of caring leaders who have supported her through life’s ups and downs, which include a time when she was homeless and living in her car because of financial woes brought on by a codependent relationship.

Without judgment, Jenni was given the resources and help needed to find temporary placement at a homeless shelter and eventually an apartment, which she happily now calls home. Through her work at Goodwill NCW, she has been able to save money and support herself. “It’s the people,” she said. “It really is. I love the team and the leaders.”

Store team leader Cassy Sorensen said from a loyalty and dedication standpoint she couldn’t ask for a better team member.

By overcoming struggles and being supported in a caring way while also ensuring the store’s success, Cassy said Jenni is an example of Goodwill NCW’s mission of Elevating People by Eliminating Barriers to Employment.

“Our team members are our mission,” Cassy said. “This job and God have got me through,” Jenni said.