Digital Skills

In today’s world, having fundamental digital skills is important to strengthening your ability to find a job and grow in your career.

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Instructor-led or Self-directed

We live in an age that is powered by technology. Having basic digital skills can help you in your job search and career growth. We use the GCFLearnFree resource to teach you these skills or give you the opportunity to learn them by yourself at your own pace.  These are some of the most important digital skills you need to be successful in today’s workforce.

Computers - If you’re new to computers, we can help. These tutorials will help empower you to be more comfortable with this type of technology, from learning the parts of a computer to using a mouse.

Email -  Use our free Email Basics tutorials to learn the essentials of creating and maintaining email accounts so you can communicate online with friends, family, and colleagues.

Internet – Become Internet savvy with these tutorials on how to browse safely, maintain your online safety, and network socially.

Online Safety – These tutorials will provide you with the strategies, skills, and mindset needed to protect yourself, your computer, and your privacy online.

Smartphones & Tablets – Get to know your device better so you can do more with the smartphones and tablets you use every day. Set up and maintain your device, understand app permissions, learn hidden features, and more.

Google – You can do a lot with a Google account these days, from using Google Drive to create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to using Google Maps to learn your way around.

Social Media – Knowing how to use social media to stay in touch with friends and family, promote your cause, or keep up with news is an essential skill. We’re here to help.

Windows – If you’re using a PC, you likely have Windows as your operating system. If you’re new to it – or just want to learn more – then you’ve come to the right place.

Office – Gain essential skills in Office 2019 and 365, including Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Microsoft Resources – There’s more to Microsoft than just Office. Use these lessons to learn how to create a Microsoft account so you can use OneDrive, Office Online, Skype, SharePoint, and more.