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Soft skills from skills to build are all about people. Whether you’re improving your communication or learning how to handle conflict, these skills can empower you for success in the workplace and personal life.


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Goodwill Works

The Goodwill Works curriculum is a tool to help people access opportunity.  The curriculum offers a comprehensive approach to successful training, employment and improved quality of life. Individual, family and organizational success depends on the ability to adapt to the challenges of daily life.

Goodwill Works is instructor-led and can be taught one-on-one or in group settings, depending on your preferred method of learning.

Stress Management

Objectives: Recognize stress and its impact, define stress and its management, analyze personal causes of stress and reactions, use key stress management strategies, and develop a stress management plan.


Objectives: Evaluate your own attitudes, identify ways to change your negative attitude, demonstrate actions that show a positive work attitude, respond to negative attitudes of others.

Social Interactions

Objectives: Recognize the value of good relationships, identify ways to show and gain more respect, demonstrate ways to build relationships, identify negative social behaviors, identify non-verbal messages, interpret other’s communication, recognize good workplace language, use assertive language, respond to and use feedback, recognize social networking strengths/challenges.


Objectives: Learn common ways that people motivate themselves, discover what motivates you, identify how to enhance your own positive motivation, learn how to set attainable and measurable goals, develop a plan to stay motivated to achieve your goals and be successful.


Objectives: Identify behaviors that show dependability, describe strategies for good attendance, describe strategies for being on time, do the right thing when you’re late or absent, follow directions, explain why dependability matters.

Time Management

Objectives: Recognize value of good time management, investigate how you are using your time, track your time use to your goals, try new time management methods, list your goals and tasks in order of importance, design your own time management plan.

Customer Service

Objectives: Provide friendly and courteous customer service to internal and external customers; identify types of customers who may need extra help and what type of help to give them; express why customer service is valuable to the economy, your career, and your employer; follow key steps to handling angry customers and solving customer problems.

Workplace Expectations

Objectives: Demonstrate key skills required for job retention (communication, personal management, thinking, interpersonal), identify what is most important during the probationary periods (first 30 days and first 90 days), explain when and how to quit a job properly.


Objectives: Evaluate your current self-concept; identify ways to improve your self-concept, self-esteem, and self-determination; learn and practice self-management strategies; identify barriers to success; find what success looks like to you.

Conflict Resolution

Objectives:  Learn what conflict is, the reasons it occurs and the impact it can have on your life; learn how to resolve conflict with key communication skills and a step by step resolution process.


Objectives: Define what ethics means; learn how to make ethical decisions based on the concept of right and wrong; practice making ethical decisions by journeying through scenarios.



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Blue Ocean Brain®

Blue Ocean Brain is a learning tool that offers engaging, micro-learning content designed to inspire employees.  This learning is short in length and offers a starting point for good discussion. Blue Ocean Brain offers thousands of topics including Leadership, Handling Change, Creativity and Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion and Coaching and Feedback, to name a few.
Blue Ocean Brain is instructor-led and can be taught one-on-one or in group settings, depending on your preferred method of learning.